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    Capturing the Screenshot of the computer screen the type of task today. Day/day, the number of people with all the computer are increasing. In-order to help these people make use of the computer effectively, help forums or another websites people are providing tips. But, the photos (Screen shots) can help a whole lot in conveying the content properly. So, they may be trying to have a screen shot from the window screens and set them in a most convenient way, so the users can simply understand the solution. For these people, this tip will be beneficial to progress results. Also, these screen shots will be useful once you share error screens.

    A screen shot can be a static picture of your respective computer monitor. The picture is a digital image taken by the inbuilt function in the operating-system or with the external software and can be saved as a GIF,JPEG,TIFF,BMP,PNG or other imaging format.

    Steps to generate a Screenshot of your screen (Windows)

    -> Activate Your Browser Window or Monitor. Be sure that this window will be the active window entirely view (it is possible to increase your browser window)

    -> Press Alt + Print Screen Button. [Pressing Alt key will remove the status bar inside the picture]

    -> Open images Editor Program including Paint, Photoshop etc…

    -> Go to->Start Menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint

    -> In Paint, Click Ctrl + V (or Edit -> Paste)

    -> You may want to resize your image to be sure that is beneath the 800x 600 pixel dimension limit. To do this, click Image -> Stretch because you required.

    -> Change the % from 100 to 75 for the horizontal and vertical stretch fields. Click OK.

    -> Save your file by clicking File -> Save As… Specify your file name. Change the ‘Save as File Type’ to BMP, GIF or JPEG as you require.

    Continue with the above steps carefully to produce your individual screen shots of your respective computer screens.

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