Player Prospect Training & Workouts

It’s a delicate and sometimes difficult balancing act opening up opportunities for Guys to Play Football and still keeping the size manageable. Hopefully we have something that does both.

By combining Online & Remote Training and Workout Support with local Gyms, Trainers & Coaches we can give many Guys an opportunity to show their stuff, work on their development and maybe Play Professional Football.

The Support approach and systems/coaching we’re using has been put to the test and can credit over 700 Players Drafted by the NFL. That includes 84 from the 2017 Draft, including 16 1st Round Picks.

We’re here to develop Players for our own League. But are happy to apply techniques that have worked elsewhere. And we’ll be doing this throughout the eastern half of the Country and later the entire Country and beyond.

Every Player Prospect will be getting details in their email.