Grass Roots Fan-Owned Football

‘The League’ is the working name for the new Football League being formed. This league is like no other before for many reasons.

1st, it will be owned directly by the Fans. This is not new in and of itself. It has been done even in Football by the Green Bay Packers. Some European Soccer Clubs are also owned by the Fans. But in each case, those Clubs have been “Grandfathered” in as wealthy Owners realize that without restrictions preventing Fans from pulling together and buying their Hometown Team, every Team would eventually be owned by the Fans.

This was made ever more stark recently, as Packers Fans raised a couple hundred million dollars in a few hours for renovations to Lambeau Field. Immediately the 31 other NFL Owners rushed changes in the League By-Laws to prevent anything like it from happening again, calling it an “unfair advantage”. Think about that for a minute. The Team way up in the middle of nowhere with by far the smallest local Community to support it has an “unfair advantage” over Teams in New York and LA owned by Billionaires.

Simply because it’s owned by the Fans. And with an Ownership structure that issues what detractors like to call “worthless” stock. Apparently those Packer Fans don’t consider it worthless. 🙂

But no entire Major Sports League in Europe or North America is made up of Teams entirely owned by the Fans. This is truly breaking new ground.

The next major difference is this League will do significant Player Development. The Plan calls for 3 levels of Leagues. Major League and Farm Systems (similar to Baseball’s) of two levels. There is also talk with the Coaches about another level which is a combination of pure Development and Practice Units. This would be true raw development of Players.

Initially there will be 8 to as many as 12 Teams. The Plan calls for 16 Major League Teams and their respective Minor League Farm Teams. Nearly all east of the Mississippi River. 48 Teams overall with the strong possibility of additional Players for the rawest development and Practice Units.

The payscales are competitive with any Major Sports League. Even the Minor League payscales approach Major League caliber. Plus there is a “Lifetime Plan” for all Players with a minimum of two years service time, working in the Communities, with Youth Sports and other Community and Charity activities.

No other Pro Sports League, let alone Football, offers a Lifetime Commitment to the Players.

But as the saying goes, to He who much is given much is expected. Players are expected to be of the highest character and commitment and significant positive forces in their Communities and good, solid Role Models to Kids. These Communities put their heart, their soul and their money into BigTime Sports.

They deserve the best Sports and Athletics in general has to offer in return.

Good Luck Gentlemen and welcome.